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    A new solution for industries and power plants.
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    The new way to improve performance and reduce operating costs.
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    Power generator for biogas power plants.

About Us

Seelko is a company that develops energy harvesting solutions and invests in new ideas and technologies. Our areas of expertise include numerous fields in the horizon of renewable energies and clean tech.

According to scientists, polluting emissions have already caused irreversible unbalancing to the delicate balance of the planet with bioclimatic still unpredictable consequences on populations and human settlements. The challenge that the man will face over the next century is of historic proportions, never seen, and requires immediate intervention measures but also a rethinking of industrial development model that is able to cover also the environmental factor in its budget economic growth. In this scenario fits the need of going to reduce the impact of all human processes ecosystem lower emission and try to recover the energy lost in transformations.
Seelko is Start Up of the Department of Civil, Environmental, Mechanical Engineering, University of Trento. Seelko’s technology gives an opportunity to invest in efficiency with a short and reliable payback time.


Seelko is the first Company in Europe to offer a heath recovery solution with thermoelectric technology. Our product uses waste heath from gas exaust to produce electricity, a clean and free source of income for your business.

The field of thermoelectricity began in 1822 with the discovery of the thermoelectric effect by Thomas Seebeck. Seebeck found that when the junctions of two dissimilar materials are held at different temperatures (ΔT), a voltage (V) is generated that is proportional to ΔT. The proportionality constant is the Seebeck coefficient or thermo power: α = −ΔV/ΔT. When the circuit is closed, this couple allows for direct conversion of thermal energy (heat) to electrical energy.
Thermoelectric power generation is one of the current interests in clean energy research. Thermoelectric power generation technology has been widely used for many years power generation, heating and cooling applications.
Research in the area of thermoelectric power generation assists in identifying the best fields for implementation of this technology and finally Seelko is ready to bring into the market the first thermoelectric solution for mass production.


Umweltpreis EUREGIO - Energy Special Award 2014

Seelko is the company awarded with the Energy Special Award 2014 at the Umweltpreis EUREGIO promoted by Titol, Sudtirol, Trentino with the best project on the subject of renewable/production of energy.

Sustainable Development Foundation 2014 - Impresa segnalata

Seelko has been awarded with the 10 best Start up companies in the green economy sector. The Sustainable Development Foundation gives this award to the companies that show their leadership in eco-innovation. The ceremony took place in Rimini at Ecomondo Expo - A mediterranean platform for the sustainable growth.

2DT Start Cup 2013

The D2T Start Cup is a competition for innovative business ideas and projects, devised and developed by young people. 

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