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    Our product
    Power generator for biogas power plants.

The Product

Energy efficiency is the most important political, social and scientific challenge of the last decade and Western countries above all are focusing on recovering that 60% of energy that goes wasted into heat in of our carbon or gas fueled generation plants.

Technology ready to exploit this energy, like the ORC cycle, requires the management of
problematic machineries that often turns up into substantial operational costs and therefor shaky investment return plans. Most industries don’t invest in energy recovery because their core business is different and they do not want to add complexity and risks to their production plant.
Seelko is working on a new generation solution., that bypasses this old paradigm.
Thermoelectric generators, which are based on the Seebeck/Volta’s effect, have always drawn the attention of the scientific community due to their capacity to convert heat into electricity without moving parts. These so called static electric generators were discovered in late 19th century and are going to lead the next energy revolution thanks to silicon based nano materials.

Quoting leading researcher Barri Stirrup, of the project European Thermodynamics Ltd: “TEGs are one of the most promising technology for future waste heat recovery”.
Seelko Srl is working on three prototypes of TEGs that can power devices from small gadgets to large industrial equipment, making waste heat accessible and ready to use, but most of all convenient and remunerative.

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